Behind the scenes with Whitney at Oslo Hackney

When the opportunity to came up to shoot Whitney at Oslo Hackney for their sudo-album launch party (“This is our first gig here since the record came out so I guess it’s a launch party”) I jumped at the chance. Their debut album Light Upon The Lake has been soundtracking my edits and travel, its summer-tinged charm saturated with ear worm melodies, touching lyrics and pitch-perfect arrangements. God damn the brass is amazing.

Hanging with Max, Julien and the rest of the band was a fun time; I thank them for the introduction to Negronis. The show was predictably brilliant; a journey through the album with a couple of choice covers thrown in for good measure: The Everly Brothers and one of my favourite Bob Dylan tracks which they absolutely nailed.

Cheers, Whitney. Raising a Negroni in your direction.

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  • Claudia 10th October 2017   Reply →

    Hey! I’m currently running a fan club for Whitney (@whitneybandfanclub on instagram and website). Do you mind if I use some of these pics? I’ll credit you. Thanks in advance.

    • parri 12th October 2017   Reply →

      Sure thing, Claudia.

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