Lemon Twigs & Yak at The Old Blue Last

So last night the Lemon Twigs and Yak took to the stage at the Old Blue Last for the second night of the So Young festival. A couple of buzz bands – one over from the States to announce their arrival and a debut album, and the other here to show that they’re more than the Last Shadow Puppets tour support and they can almost literally tear the roof off a venue.

Holy shit. This was a crazy night. First up, the Lemon Twigs delivered on the promise of double A side These Words / As Long as We’re Together with a set of slick harmonies, ELO-infused melodies and a more scissor kicks than you’d think is humanly possible. Dude’s got some leap.

Headlining were Yak. Another really-fucking-loud band from the Midlands (think God Damn with more psych) from the outset their loyal band of fans were ready to get messy. Stage dives, mosh pits, crowd surfing, a brief intervention from security, more stage dives, abused guitars, a stage invasion, more security… I kind of forgot how much fun these kinds of gigs are.

Oh yeah. I was there to take photos. Seeing as it was a grimey night here’s a bunch in black and white.

[Shot for Vice / Old Blue Last / London In Stereo]

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