The playlist – 3rd June 2016

Each week(ish) I bring you a fresh batch of records and tracks that are filling my ears when I edit, travel or generally kill time on shoots. Plus it’s an opportunity for my to push my music taste on you – which is pretty much my favourite hobby.

Amber Arcade – Fading Lines

Fizzy, lazy pop which is perfect for summer. Whenever that arrives. Recommended if you like Alvvays. I really like Alvvays. There’s also a Best Coast thing going on. It’s got great reviews so it’s not just my word on this one.

Fear of Men – Fall Forever

Fear of Men are one of those bands that I’ve never really given a chance to. Like, they’re always there and they’re always getting great press – people love them – but you can’t listen to all the music, right? Well, they’ve got a new album out so let’s use that as a change to rectify that shall we?

Moonface & Siinai – My Best Human Face

Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade has made an album under his alter ego of Moonface and he’s done it with Siinai. It’s all rousing choruses and hundred voice vocals. The track “Risto’s Riff” features the line ‘At least I’m not a photographer’. They may have a point.

Whitney – Light Upon The Lake

Been waiting for this one for a while. Out on the ever-reliable Secretly Canadian, these two former Smith Westerns have recorded a hook-laden, melody-filled album of pure brilliance. They brass, you guys. The brass is so so good. Listen to Polly, it’ll make you feel.

Tegan & Sara – Love You To Death

Pop music. Every now and again you need to ignore all the indie-AF guitar music and just listen to pop music. This is that. Unashamedly that.

William Tyler – Modern Country

If I was to tell you to listen to an album of acoustic country you’d probably be all “Nah, you’re alright.” Your loss. This album is absolutely stunning. STUNNING. Such a good record to work to as well. Good for the ol’ head space.

So that’s this week’s selection of records. Play list below, yo.